© 2019 by Jenny Margareta


The foundation of my work is to create flow and curiosity for the viewer based on my inner emotions and observations of human interaction and questions in life. 



My creative process often starts with a question or a thought that I'd like to solve or articulate. I create my art mainly with acrylic and resin. The actual technique and color theme is irrelevant, my inner emotions and feelings are the driving force behind my pieces.


I like to add symbols, which only one can see when looking closely, equivalent to something only one can see when looking deep within oneself.



It's a door that leads on a journey to the discovery of one's soul. Layer by layer. Each time, one takes the time to take in, more is revealed not only about the art but also about one's psyche and the deeper questions of earth life, how we treat each other and needs we think we may have.



The aim of my work is to bring light into the world, to let emotions flow, to question the view of life in a different perspective as well as evoking an unusual line of thought and discussion, therefore allowing one to question life, what is going on with the environment, nature, and world.



I paint because it is a necessary way to express myself, a way to communicate when there is a lack of words.