© 2019 by Jenny Margareta


Jenny Margareta was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Growing up in an artistic environment; she early learned to express herself through various creative mediums. Her father who is a realistic painter first sparked the joy in art. Jenny is self-taught and works intuitively in the visual medium. In her teenage years, she was introduced to the graffiti scene, which is also a great influence of hers.



Feelings, healing, nature, spirituality, texture, the unknown, power, vulnerability, and love inspires Jenny. She is now leaning toward the more abstract and unknown with lots of layers, which according to her means fewer rules, more freedom, and open-mindedness to let light and what needs to flow through, flow.



To open one's mind, to not only see what is in front of one but also what is behind and the cause.


Instead of seeking outside of something, actually, go to the source and realize what is inside - Only the whole heart will take you home, is a strong belief of hers.



She currently lives in Toronto, Canada and is working from her home studio, creating and producing commissioned pieces for clients, exhibiting in private galleries, group shows, and art fairs.